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2023 Jul. Acquired THINKER Inc. as a subsidiary.
Apr. Additional investment in Vietnam's "Hoa Sao" and making it a subsidiary. Company name changed to BELLSYSTEM24 VIETNAM Inc.
2022 Aug. Opens Ikebukuro Solution Center 3.
Jun. Opens Fukuoka Solution Center 6.
Mar. Established Horizon One Corporation, a joint venture with Layers Consulting Inc.
Mar. Merges POCKE INC..
2021 Jun. Moves Head Office to Tokyo's Minatoku.
2020 Mar. Opens Sapporo Second Head Office.
Mar. Established TB Next Communications Co., Ltd., a joint venture with TOPPAN INC.
2019 Nov. Merges BI Medical, Inc..
Jan. Opens Minami-Osawa Solution Center.
2018 Apr. Opens Ikebukuro Solution Center 2.
2017 Jul. Completes investment toward Vietnam's "Hoa Sao" and starts its business in Vietnam.
Expands BPO Business with CTC, "CTC First Contact" to be made into a joint subsidiary.
Jun. Opens Sapporo Solution Center 4.
Apr. Opens "BellKids Toyosaki Day-Care" in Okinawa
2016 Nov. Opens Kohoku Small Office.
Sep. Opens Fukuoka Solution Center 4.
Opens Fukuoka Solution Center 5.
Opens Sendai Solution Center 2.
Aug. Increases cooperation with CTC, starting to sell "eBellCloud" through CTC.
2015 Oct. Opens Toyosaki Solution Center.
Sep. Merges BBCall,Inc..
Mar. Opens Okinawa Solution Center 2.
Feb. Opens Sapporo Solution Center 3.
2014 Nov. Opens Noborokawa Solution Center.
Aug. Opens Hiroshima Solution Center 3.
Apr. Opens Nakano Solution Center.
Mar. Shifts to a holding company.
2013 Oct. Launches consulting services that suggest optimization of channel mix of calls and websites.
Starts operation of a center specializing in sales under merit-based reward system.
Aug. Opens Fukuoka Solution Center 3.
Moves Head Office to Tokyo's Chuo-ku.
2012 Mar. Spins off pharmaceutical and medical business to form new company, Bell Medical Solutions, Inc.
2011 Nov. Luanched BellSocial CRM, a CRM service using social media.
Oct. Launched Bell@Home, a home-based call center service.
Sep. Opens Hiroshima Peace Boulevard Office (now Hiroshima Solution Center 2).
Jun. Starts full-scale operation of BellCloud®, a next-generation private cloud platform service.
Opens Tenjin Center in Fukuoka (now Fukuoka Solution Center 2).
Mar. Establishes special subsidiary BELL SOLEIL, Inc.
2009 Aug. Moved Head Office to Tokyo's Shibuya Ward.
Mar. Spins off content business to form a new company, POCKE, INC.
2008 Dec. Opens Tohoku Branch Higashi Nibancho Square Office (now Sendai Solution Center 1).
2007 Jun. Opens Sapporo Solution Assurance Terminal Center No. 2 (now Sapporo Solution Center 2).
Mar. Obtains Privacy Mark certification.
2006 May Obtains ISO/IEC27001 certification.
Jan. Opens RMCOsaka (now Osaka Solution Center).
Establishes BELL24-CellProducts, Inc. and begins full-scale expansion of SMO business in Hokkaido, following Kansai.
2005 Aug. Opens RMC Saitama (now Saitama Solution Center).
2004 Jul. Acquires shares in BB Call, Inc. (turning it into a subsidiary)
2002 Jul. Opens Matsue Solution Assurance Terminal (now Matsue Solution Center).
2001 Aug. Opens Asahikawa Solution Assurance Terminal (now Asahikawa Solution Center).
Pharmaceutical Services Business Headquarters obtains ISO 9001 certification.
May Opens Sapporo Solution Assurance Terminal (now Sapporo Solution Center 1).
2000 Aug. Opens Okinawa Sales Assurance Terminal (now Okinawa Solution Center 1).
1999 Dec. Opens Sanda New Media Laboratory (now Kobe Solution Center).
1996 Aug. Upgrads Sapporo Sales Office into Sapporo Branch (now Sapporo Solution Center 1).
1993 Dec. Launches Computer-Related Call Center Operation Business.
Oct. Launched Service for Mobile Communications Carriers.
Jul. Launches Election Polling Service.
1992 Mar. Opens Kanazawa Sales Office (now Kanazawa Solution Center).
1991 Dec. Launches Autocall Collection Service.
Oct. Opens Takamatsu Operation Center (now Takamatsu Solution Center).
1989 Jun. Opens Yokohama Operation center (now Minato Mirai Solution Center).
1988 Mar. Establishes industry's first monitor room at Tokyo Head Office.
1987 Nov. Relocates operation divisions of Tokyo Head Office from Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku to Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku.
1986 May Launches Call Center Service For Mail Order Companies.
1984 Aug. Launches Call Center Service and Interpreting Service in English.
1983 Sep. Launches TV Shopping Order Call Center Service.
Jun. Launches Telephone Research Service.
Jan. Launches service in Sendai, expanding service area to 8 locations in 7 cities nationwide.
1982 Dec. Expands service area to 6 cities, with the addition of Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Matsushima and Fukuoka.
Oct. Launches Night-time and Holiday Credit Application Call Center Service.
Launches 24-Hour Call Center Service Using Call Diverters.
Sep. BELLSYSTEM24, Inc. founded in Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku.