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Message from President

We Will Achieve Our Purpose as We Pursue Sustainable Growth
Message from President
With more than 30,000 employees, we have defined our purpose to be to "sustain the prosperity of society, through innovation and communication."
We consider it to be our social responsibility to "build diverse workplaces where our employees can work with peace of mind, good health and can work as themselves" as stated in our Sustainability Policy.
At the same time, we believe we have to realize a sustainable society as a member of society and the local community.

Today, more than 30,000 employees achieve diverse workstyles free from time and place constraints in accordance with their own unique circumstances.
The Company is building an environment to enable human resources from diverse backgrounds to feel happy and secure in their work for the long term. For example, we have introduced the SUDAchi recruiting and training system that trains new employees so that they can feel secure in their acquisition of the skills necessary for their new jobs. We have opened an intra-office cafe and chocolate factory run by a staff that includes many colleagues with disabilities. Further, our major business sites include day-care centers. In terms of systems, fixed-term employees who have worked for the Company for a certain period of time may be allowed to transition to indefinite-term employment. Our personnel system supports short-time employees in their advancement of their careers and recognizes highly specialized employees as specialists.
Also, we are engaged in many different activities to contribute to society, such as exhibiting a call center pavilion at KidZania Tokyo and volunteer cleanup activities at our contact center bases.
As a result of these activities, BellSystem24 also receives recognition from organizations outside the company. The Company has been selected as a Nadeshiko Brand company that actively empowers women and has also been Platinum Kurumin and Eruboshi certified.

I believe that creating a human-friendly work environment through many different activities will create a virtuous cycle that motivates employees to engage in their jobs for the long term and enables them to become more proficient in their jobs, which increases the quality of our services so that we can provide high-quality services to clients.

By building a workplace (community) that enables human resources from diverse backgrounds to leverage diverse workstyles, we will contribute to solving the problems faced by society, not just enhancing our corporate value as we, a business, achieve sustainable growth in step with society.

Hiroshi Kajiwara, President, CEO and Representative Director