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Realizing Our Purpose

  • We have defined our purpose to be to "sustain the prosperity of society, through innovation and communication". We will simultaneously realize both basic growth with our traditional strength of communication (dialogue) and disruptive growth through new social and technological innovations, and return the value we create not only to our company but also to society.
  • We believe that human resources are the root source of the power to drive these old and new growth models at the same time. Our goal and reason of existence are to realize the Purpose. To that end, each employee has a role, and we believe that it is a "work" or "duty."
  • Our company is composed mainly of human resources (in other words, "human capital") based on recruitment in each of about 40 regions. Our value creation model has a basic structure in which the business is operated with the "human capital" as an input, and as a result, the "amplified and expanded human capital" is output to society together with profits. Also, we believe that it is the "shared value" between us and society to have people develop so-called "intellectual added value" ("intellectual capital") such as know-how and skills while working, and to have more opportunities to play more active roles in society.


Sustain the prosperity of society,
through innovation and communication

Established on January 29, 2019
Hiroshi Kajiwara, President, CEO and Representative Director