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Message from the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

We aim to expand our shared value though the activities of the Sustainability Management Division that is integrated with our business strategy.
Message from Chief Sustainability Officer

The Sustainability Management Division was established in June 2022 as an organization to succeed the former CSR Promotion Division. In addition to the employees dedicated as full-time-base members, it also has part-time-base members from departments such as personnel and general affairs. We have been working to define and codify the concepts which form the management foundation of our group. Based on our purpose, the concepts include the definition of the important issues (materiality) we share with the society, and our Human Rights Policy, Environmental Policy and Social Contribution Policy. One of our important initiatives is to deliver these concepts to employees and other stakeholders and to then carry out concrete activities and report on them.
Our group aims to realize Creating Shared Value (CSV) which is the stage beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is an approach which looks to expand economic value and social value at the same time. This means we expand business activities which also lead to solutions to social issues while pursuing profit as a company.

For example, one such concrete activity we carry out is the diversification of employment by hiring people with disabilities. I think that our initiative with companies operated by the La Barca Group called Quon Chocolate and MI CAFETO is a very advanced example of that. It suggests the way CSV should be in the future through employment.
The La Barca Group does not run a chocolate business just to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to work; rather, it is purely looking to make a profit by selling tasty chocolate. I strongly believe that this initiative enriches the lives of people with disabilities. We are talking with MI CAFETO about making people with disabilities feel even more meaningful by engaging in initiatives which produce profit as a business.

Human resources is the most important management resource for our group. We base our sustainability activities on a strategy to improve our human capital both quantitatively and qualitatively. We will establish a cycle in which such activities improve the quality of the services we provide to our customers to improve profit and to give back to society. I think establishing such a cycle is the basis of sustainability activities integrated with our purpose.
We also believe it is important to disclose our action plan and achievements in an easy-to-understand manner. We are working on sustainability as part of our business strategy. Therefore, we must also convince our investors and business partners of the worth of the action plan and achievements as well as employees. Although not all activities can be quantified, we believe it is important to set concrete targets.
We consider sustainability to be an important foundation of our growth strategy. Based on that position, we are aiming to carry out activities which see our group being judged as healthier and even stronger on a comprehensive basis in addition to contributing to society.

Shinsuke Kageyama
Corporate Officer SVP, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
BELLSYSTEM24 Holdings, Inc.