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Social Contribution Policy

The value we create will be actively given back to society

1. Basic stance

We create value through our business operations utilizing the resources given to us by society, which mainly include natural and human resources. By actively giving this value back to society, we will contribute to making the future beautiful and prosperous.

2. Three focus areas for our activities

Based on our corporate vision, our most important managerial issues and the SDGs, our contribution activities are focused on three social issue areas that are more connected to our business strategy.

[ People and workstyles ]
Expand environments where human resources with many different backgrounds (e.g. people with disabilities, people of advanced age or sexual minorities) are able to work in many different styles free from time, place and other constraints.

[ Minimizing inequality ]
Efforts to develop the next generation, including the minimization of social inequality, especially child poverty, and the promotion of equal opportunities

[ Environmental protection ]
Efforts to protect regional environments and increase the sustainability of communities

Established on January 29, 2019
Hiroshi Kajiwara, President, CEO and Representative Director