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MESSAGE FROM MANAGEMENTIn 1982, BELLSYSTEM24, Inc. pioneered call center services in Japan. For almost 40 years, as a call center service leader, BELLSYSTEM24 has generated new value at the interface between companies and consumers.

Recently, events such as the Internet of Things (IoT) linking everything to a network, advances in 5G telecommunications technologies and the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) and other new technologies suggest that business and lifestyles are about to change significantly. In the contact center industry, technologies are increasingly applied to a wide range of operations with advancing digitization.

In these circumstances, what BELLSYSTEM24 considers to be the digitalization of call centers is a hybrid of people and new technologies. We think that the core role for communication between companies and consumers is played by people, and the role of new technologies is to support that role. BELLSYSTEM24 is seeking to achieve diverse workstyles. As a way to achieve that goal, BELLSYSTEM24 is advancing initiatives for generating workstyle innovations, including the launch of home-based contact centers with the application of a range of technologies. Going one step further, BELLSYSTEM24 is promoting training for workers capable of applying broad-based data, including data scientists, by analyzing the massive amount of consumer opinions that gather in our company to support client companies in areas such as marketing and product development.

BELLSYSTEM24 aims to offer new CRM free from conventional frameworks and to become the best next-generation customer experience (CX) partner able to maximize the value of company-consumer communication by integrating cutting-edge technologies with its strengths, which are its size, based on the most extensive network of self-operated contract centers in Japan, and its experience and knowhow in contact center operations outsourced by clients in a wide range of industries.

In a society experiencing great change as a result of a technological evolution that is accelerating innovation, BELLSYSTEM24 will continually step up its efforts as a partner that addresses management issues from the perspective of client companies and implements proposed improvements.

Hiroshi Kajiwara
President, Representative Director