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Message from Corporate Officer in Charge of the Environment (E)

We Will Continue to be Committed to Environmental Protection and Contribute to Making Our Future Beautiful Through Our Business Activities
Message from Corporate Officer in Charge of the Environment (E)

BellSystem24's code of conduct state the Company's determination to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities and pursue sustained, healthy growth. To ensure this, we must work on measures to prevent global warming. As one of the concrete actions to achieve this, our environmental policy was established in 2018 to share our views with stakeholders. One of our environmental efforts is the encouragement of the shift to energy conservation at our call center offices. Call center offices are a large part of our power consumption. We are replacing call center air-conditioners with new ones to efficiently and continuously reduce power consumption.

Another effort is our plan to calculate our Scope 3 emissions as well as our Scope 1 and 2 emissions. This involves calculating the estimated GHG emissions from the commuting and business travel of around 30,000 employees to facilitate the reduction of power consumption.

Contributing to the establishment of a sustainable and recycling-oriented society is another of our missions when we think about the environment. We take part in Conservation International (CI)'s Sustainable Coffee Challenge, and support activities for making coffee a truly sustainable agricultural product. More specifically, we increase the distribution of sustainable coffee by opening cafes at our office lounges. At present, sustainable coffee is available at only two sites, our head office and Sapporo. By 2021, we will make it available at four of our sites. At these cafes, the entire process from drip brewing to the sale of coffee is conducted by our colleagues with disabilities. This also provides places to work to people with disabilities. The cafe operations will continue as part of our CSR activities as we seek to add more cafes.

Lastly, we encourage cleanup activities as part of our CSR activities in the communities where our call centers are located. In particular, we have participated in a volunteer beach cleanup in Okinawa for ten consecutive years. This is very well-received by local residents. We will continue to aid communities' development by engaging in cleanup activities.

Through these activities, we will sincerely continue the many different environmental efforts we can make.

Masaaki Obayashi
Corporate Officer, CFO
BELLSYSTEM24 Holdings, Inc.